International Language Programs Overview

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Learn while experiencing an entirely different mix of culture and tradition abroad. Students who want to learn a foreign language can experience a wide variety of experiences and exposure by studying their preferred language in a foreign country. Since high school is the founding base for a child a high school program in a different country could be quite resourceful for them. It is also quite fun to live and experience a different culture. Nacel, our handpicked educational travel provider, offers students a wide range of international language programs ( ) according to their eligibility and interests.

International Language Programs - Japanese

The programs vary in their duration according to availability from a month up to a year. The programs are offered in both public and private schools through exchange of students. These programs are offered to students in 18 different countries. The countries are classified according the language spoken in that country. For regions speaking languages like English and Spanish which are widely spoken, there are a number of options to the students. They can choose from a number of countries where these languages are commonly spoken. Other exclusive languages such as Japanese, German etc. are spoken in lesser countries and mostly only their native country is the place where exchange programs are available to support that language.

The students gain a worry free experience and attend normal high school in a totally different country and culture. The accommodation is provided to the students either through a host family or in quarters or hostels if available. The host family is chosen very carefully and students are placed in the best environment as per their requirements.

International Language Programs Requirements

International Language Programs - Study Abroad

Students need to be fluent in the language spoken in that region as per Nacel’s international language programs requirements. This is to promote better learning and immersion into the culture of that country. Students are judged and interviewed through a number of stringent procedures before being placed in an exchange program. There are certain requirements such as more than 2 years of study with good grades, age requirements, a prior experience in staying away from home etc. These procedures are mainly done to place the students in the best situations and to avoid any mishaps while staying there.

The willingness and interest of the student to learn and comply is also evaluated to see how well they would be able to adjust in different environments. The students are not guaranteed any diploma or certificate by Nacel so they should check this with the responsible authorities to avoid complications later. The applications are for exchange are accepted till March and September for the sessions to follow. Kindly check the website for more specific details about a program.

Stay at home with a family in another country and have the experience of a lifetime:

International Language Programs - France

While visiting other countries on a vacation with family is quite fun you can’t even imagine how much fun it is to stay with another family in a totally different country for 4 weeks or for an entire academic year. Students are offered with the chance to visit and stay in different countries for experiencing their culture. They will be placed in a host family who will serve them with all-inclusive boarding facilities.

Students will experience various traditions and cultures along with their diets, habits, etc. during their stay. The student staying in a host family should be open minded to their practices and tradition. The programs are divided into different categories based on the language spoken in a country. Due to obvious reasons for better learning and more immersion a student must be fluent in the native language spoken in that country. English and Spanish are quite widely used languages and hence offer various alternatives to students to participate in the program but exclusively spoken languages such as Japanese, French, Portuguese, etc. offer a more detailed and different experience to the student in a completely unique country.

International Language Programs - Canada

The programs are generally offered in countryside areas and city people rarely support such programs due to the shrinking sizes of homes and high cost of living in highly developed areas. The students can stay for a duration of 4 weeks to immerse in their culture or can even choose to opt for home schooling or a student integration program for experiencing the culture of a different country for one academic year. This helps the student in doing his or her studies while staying in a totally different environment and culture. The program for homestays in France offers an added experience called Discovery Paris.

International Language Programs - Paris France

Students have to comply with a few requirements such as age eligibility and must have fluent and good knowledge of the language spoken in that country. The student should have completed at least two years of studies in their language. Good grades are also helpful along with a positive attitude to place the students in the best surroundings so that they can have a pleasant and wonderful experience.

Nacel also offers programs for students who are above 18 years of age. These programs include staying with the host family for a few days but a minimum of 5 nights. The students receive a half board accommodation in a host family and can use this program for tourism, study related purposes or if they are on an internship.

Learn a different language through lessons and experience in that country:

International Language Programs - Immersion

Language courses offered by Nacel are an amazing way for students to learn a different language along with experiencing a completely different culture to support their knowledge. These international language programs feature a course to teach the students about their chosen language which is followed by activities and events to know more about the host country’s environment through practical experiences. The students return to a host family after the day.

International Language Programs - Homestay

The tutor teaches a group of 4 to 5 students. The lessons are carried out in the morning at the tutor’s home and in the afternoon the tutor takes the students for various activities to learn more about the country through predesigned exercises and events. The students are provided with welcoming facilities, laundry facilities along with boarding when they are staying with a host family. The student should try to learn as much as possible and be open minded towards the cultures and traditions followed by that country. The tutor lives at a nearby place to the host family so that there are no problems in transportation for the student.

There Are a Number of Countries to Choose From

International Language Programs - Countries

In case of English language programs but other languages are offered only in their native country. Children must have the proper age requirements and must fulfill certain other criteria to be selected into these programs. The selection rights are retained by Nacel in all respects.

The students are placed with the host family as per their interests so that they can have a pleasant worry free experience while living there. The programs also consist of variations where the language course is offered at a language school which is situated nearby. These programs are suitable for students between ages of 13 years to 17 years depending on their interests and availability of programs. The programs may be taken up in a different structure depending on the interest of the students. These international language programs are offered in a duration of 2 to 4 weeks varying from program to program. The usual morning lessons are of 3 hours followed by a group lunch and then around 2 hours or more in field trips, excursions or guided visits to explore more about the country. People can check more information relating to specific programs on the website of Nacel. These international language programs aim to provide students with an international experience and cultural exposure of a different country before they resume their high school.